American YouTube sensation Legit Tim shot to fame with his YouTube channel where he posts pranks, thrift store hauls, sneaker and shoe hauls, style reviews, and other content. Tim is also known to feature his wife in his videos. The Texan internet celebrity also has a degree in business. He is associated with a modeling agency too and promotes and sells his own line of merchandise. Tim is equally popular on other social media platforms, such as TikTok.

Early Life

YouTuber Timothy Sanchez-Vega, or Tim, better known online as Legit Tim, is from San Antonio, Texas. Long before he shot to fame on social media, Tim launched his YouTube channel on March 12, 2013.

In 2014, Tim joined Palo Alto College. In 2017, he obtained an associate’s degree in Business, Management, and Marketing from the same college. He now stays in Los Angeles, California.

Social Media Career

Tim gained immense popularity with his YouTube channel, Legit Tim. Previously known as LegitLooksForLife and then Legit Vlogs, his channel mostly showcases pranks, thrift store clothing hauls, fashion and style reviews, and sneaker reviews.

Tim has also sold his own line of Legit Tim merchandise on the website Over the years, his YouTube channel has amassed millions of subscribers.

Some of his most-watched videos are I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY HAD THEM, I BOUGHT 4 PAIRS!! Trip To The Nike Outlet!!, Trading Fake Jordan 1’s To $10,000 Jordan’s (Part 4), and Creasing Sneakers In Sneaker Stores!

Fans often compare him to social media star Paul Cantu, as both have gained popularity for their thrift store hauls. Tim has endorsed several top-notch apparel and shoe brands through his social media profiles.

Tim now owns the brand Legit Entertainment LLC and is managed by the acting/modeling agency Wheelhouse Group. He is also associated with the branding agency Additive Creative.

He is equally popular on Instagram, where his account, legitim, has earned him thousands of followers. His account on TikTok has, likewise, helped him gain millions of likes and followers. He is also present on Twitter and Snapchat.

Family Life

Tim is married to Beth. Beth has appeared in several videos on Tim’s channel, such as BUYING MY WIFE FAKE GUCCI!! GOLD DIGGER TEST GONE WRONG!!

Tim is a huge fan of gaming and basketball.