American professional surfer and TikTok star Luke Guinaldo is known for his surfing-related content, vlogs, and transition videos on TikTok. The rising surfing star is part of the US Junior Olympic team and has several surfing accolades in his kitty. He has also endorsed several surfing-related brands, such as Hurley, Jack’s Surfboards, Futures Fins, and T.Patterson. He is also quite popular on Instagram and YouTube. However, he is quite secretive about his personal life and claims he has never had a girlfriend.

Early Life

Luke Guinaldo is a Huntington Beach, California native. He grew up surfing in his hometown and modeled for several brands, much before he became famous on social media. Some of the brands that he has endorsed are Hurley beach apparel, Jack’s Surfboards, Futures Fins surfboard fins, and T.Patterson Surfboards.

Social Media Career

Luke Guinaldo has been surfing since a long time, and it is his surfing fame that made him a social media star, too. He is part of the US Junior Olympic surfing team. He was placed third at the USA Surfing event in both 2019 and 2020 and attained the second position in the U16 category in 2021. He ranked 65th in the 2023–2024 World Surf League Men’s Qualifying Series. The rising surfing star is also one of the most promising US surfing figures at present.

He launched his YouTube account, lukeguinaldo7342, on September 1, 2020. Over the years, he has gained over 8,000 subscribers and more than 183,000 views on the platform. However, he is perhaps best known on social media for his TikTok account, lukeguinaldo. Apart from his usual surfing videos, Luke has also posted vlogs and transition videos on the platform. His popularity on the platform can be gauged by the fact that he had garnered over 60 million likes and more than 1.9 million followers on the platform.

One of his best-known TikTok videos is set to the song Stereo Hearts by the Gym Class Heroes. The video received more than a million likes. He is popular on Instagram, too, and has amassed over 131,000 likes. In March 2020, he posted a photo with famous Brazilian surfer Ítalo Ferreira on Instagram.

Family Life

In December 2022, Luke mentioned in a TikTok clip that he never had a girlfriend. However, he also provided a rough overview of what he wanted in a future girlfriend. Luke’s father has been seen on Luke’s Instagram account. Luke once mentioned that he loves Wake & Bake sandwiches.