Canadian TikTok sensation and politician Max Taylor shot to global fame with his funny TikTok videos, such as dance clips and comedy skits. He is also quite popular on YouTube, though he hasn’t posted much content on the platform lately. In 2020, Max contested for the mayoral position in Halifax but lost to former mayor Mike Savage. Max has been actively involved with the Liberal Party of Canada and has worked as a copywriter too.

Early Life

Max is from Halifax, Canada. He initially attended the Sacred Heart Halifax school and the Miami Ad School. He has apparently also attended Bishop’s University and Queen’s University. In March 2020, long before he gained social media stardom, Max started posting on TikTok. One of his first videos featured a duet with a girl named saralledo.

Social Media Career

Max Taylor shot to fame with his freestyle dance clips, pranks, comedy skits, and other entertaining videos on his TikTok account, maxemersontaylor. Many of his videos showcased humorous versions of other viral videos on the platform. He has also made content with lookalikes of The Weeknd and Ed Sheeran. Over the years, he has amassed over a million followers on TikTok.

He is equally popular on YouTube, where he manages a self-titled channel. He launched the channel on June 20, 2016. One of his most popular videos on the channel shows him and a friend attempting the One Chip Challenge as they play chess. However, he hasn’t been too active on it lately. Max is quite popular on Twitter too.

Beyond Social Media

In 2020, Max contested in the mayoral election of his city, Halifax. He was just 22 years old back then. His candidature was a last-minute addition, and he had a tough fight against other seasoned candidates, such as Mike Savage and Matt Whitman. Mike Savage won the race by being re-elected. Max has also chaired Youth Engagement at the Liberal Party of Canada.

Apart from being a TikToker-turned-politician, Max has worked as a copywriter for Dory Advertising. In November 2021, he founded the ad agency Murray+Taylor Digital, though it was a short-lived venture.

Family Life

Max is apparently dating someone. An animal lover, he also owns a dog named Milo.