British beauty influencer and TikTok sensation Meredith Duxbury shot to fame with the #thefoundationchallenge and the #meredithduxburychallenge. Her unique makeup style involves using a whole lot of liquid foundation and has inspired numerous fans, fellow influencers, and celebrities. She has also tied up with several brands, such as Dime, and promoted countless others, such as Ulta Beauty. She is equally popular on Instagram and YouTube.

Early Life

British-born Meredith Duxbury had her first stint with glam makeup in her college days. Back then, her foundation cost $55, which was super-expensive. Hence, she wanted to make it last as long as she could.

She was not happy with the sponges that took up most of the makeup. Since she had freckles, she had to apply a lot of foundation to hide them.

She was in middle school when she began posting her “get ready with me videos” on YouTube. She believes good makeup is equivalent to painting an aesthetic picture.

Social Media Career

Meredith started posting on TikTok in March 2020. One of her first videos was set to a Doja Cat track. Meredith is now best known for her elaborate makeup tutorials and skincare and beauty hacks.

In her initial days on TikTok, Meredith named her foundation application technique #thefoundationchallenge and eventually garnered over 500 million views with her clips. The technique later evolved into the #meredithduxburychallenge, with countless celebrities, including influencers, actors, and artists, such as Selena Gomez, trying her challenge on social media.

Meredith’s unique makeup style involves dabbing a huge volume of liquid foundation (about 10 pumps) on the back of her hand. She then mixes it with liquid bronzer or some highlighter.

She uses a makeup brush to gather the foundation and apply it on her face, starting with her cheeks and then slowly applying the mixture on her brow, chin, and nose. She then spreads the foundation using her hands, before using a beauty blender. Following this, she applies various other makeup products, such as setting powder, blush, eye makeup, contour, and lipstick.

Her YouTube channel, which is equally popular, was launched on Jun 19, 2011. She is also popular on Instagram, where she mostly posts her product reviews and travel and lifestyle content.

Over the years, Meredith has collaborated with brands such as Kiss, partnered with e.l.f. Cosmetics for a campaign, and signed with Ulta Beauty too. She has also been invited to top-notch fashion events. She has also tied up with Dime to launch her own line of sunglasses that offer a range with a mixture of retro and futuristic trends.

Meredith advocates for mental health too and once launched an initiative titled Big Sister Talk, which had her choose a topic, such as depression or anxiety, and invite her fans to submit their questions regarding it. She then talked about those topics while she applied makeup in her videos.

Family Life

Meredith has been dating fellow TikTok star and dancer Brandon Remer. Brandon, who is from the US, is also an aspiring dentist. The two often feature each other in their social media profiles.