American TikTok star Desha, better known as Nadeshaig, shot to fame with her funky TikTok clips. She is best known for her lip syncs set to popular tracks and has earned millions of likes on the platform. Over the years, she has also gained a huge fan following on Instagram. She has also been in the news for her relationship with popular TikTok star Yzeqez Timmons, better known as YkQuotes. She has featured YkQuotes in many of her videos too.

Early Life

Social media star Desha, better known by her online pseudonym, Nadeshaig, started posting on TikTok during in mid-2022. In one of her earliest videos, she was seen wearing white shades. Not much is known about her early life. She is from Philadelphia.

Social Media Career

Nadeshaig is known for her entertaining TikTok clips. Her self-titled account on the platform showcases her lip syncs that are set to hit tracks.

A track that she used in one of her TikTok clips was made popular by artists Echosmith and Sydney Sierota. In July 2022, she got over a million views for one of her viral TikTok videos. The video in question had her wearing a Lisa Simpson T-shirt. Over the years, she has gained millions of likes and thousands of followers on the platform.

The popular internet celebrity is also quite a sensation on Instagram. She has, over the years, gained thousands of followers on the platform. She mostly posts her eye-catching photos, often with her boyfriend, on the platform.

Family Life

Nadeshaig is apparently dating TikTok sensation Yzeqez Timmons, popularly known as YkQuotes. She also often features him in her videos. YkQuotes is known for his entertaining POVs, comedy clips, and retweets.

Not much information about her family is available on social media. It seems, she is quite secretive about her life.