American beauty YouTuber Nicole Skyes is best known for her beauty hacks and challenges. She shot to fame with her YouTube beauty vlog series Beauty Hack or Wack?, which featured her trying out various unique beauty challenges. She initially posted ASMR clips and is also known for her DIY slime videos and other vlogs. She and her husband, JD Skyes, also own a second YouTube channel that is dedicated to their pets.

Early Life

Not much is known about Nicole’s early life, except that she moved to San Francisco, California in 2015. In April 2007, long before she became a social media sensation, Nicole launched her YouTube channel as NicoleSky123. Her first video on the channel was titled Getting my vertical labret pierced.

Social Media Career

Nicole is best-known for her self-titled beauty YouTube channel and her well-known series named Beauty Hack or Wack? The series has her showcasing unique beauty treatments, such as charcoal teeth whitening, using lipstick as a concealer, and DIY contouring. Over the years, her YouTube channel has amassed millions of subscribers.

In February 2017, she posted the video FULL BODY BLACK HEAD PEEL OFF MASK CHALLENGE! Most PAINFUL BEAUTY Challenge ON YOUTUBE, which became viral within days and earned more than 17 million views. She also posts challenges, vlogs, and DIY slime videos. Most of her initial videos were on ASMR.

She once filmed a video called Cotton Ball Challenge with fellow social media star Chris Monroe, or PrankInvasion. She also started the social media trend “buying my dog everything he touches,” which showed her bringing her dog inside a store buying anything it touched on the shelves. Other influencers and YouTubers followed the trend too.

Nicole has also garnered thousands of followers on her Instagram account, nicoleskyes. However, she has set the account to private. Nicole is also popular on Facebook and Twitter.

Family Life

Nicole is married to JD Skyes, whom she often features on her Instagram account. The couple own a YouTube channel, SKYES FAMILY, where they showcase vlogs about their pets.