American TikTok star, YouTuber, makeup artist, entrepreneur, beauty influencer, and model Nikita Dragun shot to fame with her YouTube makeup tutorials and vlogs and her trendy looks on TikTok. Dragun was aware of her transgender identity much before she became famous on social media. She now owns a line of wigs and another of cruelty-free makeup. Controversy’s favorite child, Nikita was once accused of blackfacing. In 2022, she was arrested for walking around naked.

Early Life

Nikita Dragun is also known as Nikita Nguyen. She is multi-racial, as in Vietnamese on her father’s side and Mexican on her mother’s side.

Born in Belgium, she now stays in Los Angeles, California. She studied at a Virginia high school.

Born a boy, she often played with dolls as a child. In school, she received training as a male singer. Growing up, she was confused about her sexual identity and thought she was gay.

Nikita’s mother was the first one to notice something was different about her when she noticed her in her physical education class. Apparently, Nikita had joined the girls’ queue.

Nikita apparently also saved money for her transition since age 8. This was after she watched a documentary on transgenders. Finally, while in college, she came out as a transgender.

In 2014, she joined a 4-year course at the Los Angeles-based Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. She eventually graduated with a business degree.

Social Media Career

In November 2011, long before she was a social media star, Nikita had decided to quit Facebook and joined Twitter with the tweet Leaving Facebook #facebookisdead.

Also known as Nyc Dragun and Mama Dragun, she joined YouTube in February 2013. Over the years, she shot to fame with her makeup tutorials, life vlogs, and challenges and earned millions of subscribers on the platform.

On December 28, 2015, she declared her sexual identity on YouTube with a video titled I am transgender. The video went viral soon. She has gained even more popularity on TikTok, where she is often seen posting trendy and fashionable looks.

She now has her own line of wigs, which she launched in collaboration with Bellami Hair. The pastel-colored wigs have interesting names, such as Khaleesi and Saphira. In March 2019, she launched the cruelty-free beauty line Dragun Beauty.

Over the years, she has won both the Streamy and Shorty awards, walked the ramp, appeared in music videos, and launched an OnlyFans account. She was accused on blackfacing while promoting Jeffree Star’s Androgyny makeup line. In 2022, she was arrested for moving around naked in a Miami hotel.


Nikita grew up with her three siblings: her sisters, Allegrah and Taliah, and her brother, Vincarlo. She has dated designer Oscar Utierre and has also been linked with reality star Michael Yerger.

In 2017, Nikita was seen in many collaborative videos with YouTube star Josh Leyva. On Snapchat, Nikita even called him her boyfriend.  However, Josh later went live on Instagram to declare that they were just play-acting.

Nikita is known for her boldly colored wigs and her dragon tattoos.