Official.Tophertok is the nickname of American child TikTok star Christopher Russell who went viral on the platform after his older sister Allyson shared a video of the family on Christmas Eve 2022. While it was not his first appearance on the handle @allycat.03, he became a meme overnight. Although the main account got taken down and then stolen by another user, Topher is not allowed to have his own profile due to hatred and toxicity.


Official.Tophertok's first known online appearance was on July 29, 2021 when he appeared in a video shared by his older sister Allyson Russell on her TikTok account @allycat.03 in which he participated in a trend where photos are taken in various points on the screen, with him flipping the camera off after a photo is taken. He continued to make appearances on the account in the following months, participating in the Sprite Challenge, where participants chug Sprite and try not to burp, on April 18, 2022, which became very popular. However, it was the video posted on December 24, 2022, that received over 21 million views within a week. In the video, each member of the family named which family member they would warn someone about before being introduced into the family and two members named Topher.

A number of TikTokers made videos reacting to him saying "Y'all already know who I am, my name's Topher." Such clips were all over the internet and even flooded Twitter feeds. Apart from reactions, TikToker @mayksounds posted a song remix using the Official.Tophertok audio that also went viral and the sound clip was in turn used by several other TikTokers, with videos being referred to as “TopherTok”. He was turned into a meme with videos tagged #topher receiving nearly one billion views. Official.Tophertok and his sister Allyson were subsequently interviewed by BuzzFeed News and most leading international news outlets covered the story.

Family members knew that Official.Tophertok, who has ADHD and kept the family entertained, was destined for something big. At just seven, he begged his mother to allow him to have a YouTube channel. He eventually started to feature on his sister’s social media posts. After becoming viral, he met his idol and favorite celebrity, MrBeast, with whom he filmed a video together. He even made sponsored posts with Benefit Cosmetics and was invited to sit courtside at his favorite basketball team’s game.

Family Life

Official.Tophertok, real name Christopher Russell, is the third and youngest child of his parents. He has an older sister named Allyson. While his mother always wanted a third child, his arrival was delayed by the fact that his mother’s twin sister and her three kids were killed in a car crash in 2007. After her brother earned them viral fame, Allyson, who was then attending the University of Kentucky, even changed her major to communications to make the most of their blossoming social media following. Official.Tophertok wants to be an actor like Jenna Ortega and act in Hollywood movies.