British YouTuber, actor, author, and entrepreneur Oli White shot to fame with his comedy videos on his self-titled YouTube channel. He has a second channel where he mostly posts vlogs. His content consists of food videos, tech reviews, and other science videos, and he often features his brother and girlfriend on his videos. Oli also owns several business ventures. He was once a national-level badminton player too.

Early Life

Oli White is from Iver, England and attended Pirton School. He was an avid fan of YouTube videos since 10th grade. He was bullied a lot in school.

In high school, he took to sports. He soon became a national-level badminton player. In August 2012, long before he became a social media star, he joined YouTube with his debut video, Fresh Start!

In his early days, Oli also worked at a clothing store named Fat Face.

Social Media Career

Oli White shot to fame with his comedy clips on his self-titled channel on YouTube. Over the years, his channel has gained more than 2.6 million subscribers. Some of his best-known videos include 10 Things Guys Like About Girls, Only EATING FOODS that begin with the FIRST letter of our NAMES!, and Salt and Ice Challenge.

He also collaborated with fellow social media sensation Tyler Oakley for the video One Direction Boyfriend Game with Tyler Oakley. One of his first collaborative videos was with YouTuber Jack Harries. Oli’s content now mostly consists of cooking and food videos, gadget reviews, and science hacks.

It’s believed he once got a job with the Guinness World Records and, as part of the job, was required to travel to various places. While working there, he set a world record of eating a jam-filled donut in 33 seconds. Following this, he posted a video of this feat and soon gained more than 100,000 subscribers on his channel. It was then that he started posting on YouTube full-time.

Oli also has a vlogging channel on YouTube, titled OliWhiteVlogs. This channel, started in March 2012, mostly has content that he creates with his friends Josh and Charlie. His brother and girlfriend too have appeared on the channel. Oli is equally popular on Instagram, where he has amassed over a million followers.

Other Interests

Oli has penned the book Generation Next. He has also appeared in TV shows, such as More Caspar (2012), Shipping Julia (2014) and the horror series Escape the Night (2016). He earned an ensemble Streamy Award for Escape the Night.

He has also launched the ventures Unique CBD, Owl Ventures, and Simple Crypto TV. Oli has partnered with several top-notch brands too, such as Tommy Hilfiger, Gucci, Spotify, and Coca-Cola.

Family Life

It’s believed that when Oli was about 9 or 10, he wanted a younger brother. So, his parents decided to adopt a son, James. Oli is extremely close to James, who has also been seen in many of Oli’s videos. In 2017, he started dating social media star Evie Marcer. They are apparently still together.

Oli once stated on social media that his mother had been diagnosed with breast cancer.