English social media sensation and culinary expert Ollie Ball shot to fame as a teen food reviewer on TikTok, with his friend Jacob Pasquill. Ollie and Jacob started their TikTok careers with their comedic reviews of the food they had at their school canteen. While Ollie initially posted on Jacob’s account, jacobchuckorscranit, he later began posting on his own account, ollie.ball1, which has since gained millions of fans. He’s also famous for his signature catchphrases, "chuck or scran it” and "It's Ollie Ball here.”

Early Life & Education

Ollie Ball is from Bolton, England. Not much is known about his early life, except that he was still in school when he began his journey on social media. In 2021, it was announced that he would be joining the University of Sheffield.

Social Media Career

Ollie Ball was just another 16-year-old teenager when he soared to social media fame with his comedic reviews of his school canteen food on his friend Jacob Pasquill’s TikTok account, jacobchuckorscranit.

Ollie soon became more popular with his POV and food videos on his own TikTok account, ollieball12. Over the years, he has amassed millions of followers on TikTok and has grown to be an official food consultant.

His first TikTok video that gained more than a million views had him reviewing a chicken wrap. His videos almost always began with Jacob singing a popular track and Ollie completing the lyrics liken a news correspondent. Ollie then said “It’s Ollie Ball here” in his signature style and started reviewing whatever food he’d be holding.

In March 2021, he uploaded a TikTok video set to a remix of the track Hollaback Girl by Gwen Stefani of No Doubt fame.

Most of Ollie’s reviews feature snacks, such as Cadbury Crème Eggs or Nandos. Ollie has also gained fame for his quirky catchphrases, such as "chuck or scran it” and "I've got commitment issues.” One of Ollie’s best-known TikTok videos, Celebration outfits Pt3, got millions of hits and drew a comment from popular TikTok star Ethan Payne, or notbehzinga.

Both Ollie’s TikTok account, ollieball12, and Jacob’s account, jacobchuckorscranit, were banned temporarily by TikTok for unknown reasons but were back again soon.

The duo launched their YouTube channel, Jacob and Ollie Ball, in July 2016, and have since gained thousands of subscribers.

Ollie is also popular on Instagram. His Instagram account, ollie.ball1, has amassed thousands of followers. Ollie once revealed he and Jack were planning to host shows together and also dreamed of becoming the next popular show-business duo of their country, like Ant & Dec.

Family Life

Not much is known about his family. However, he has featured his brother on his Instagram account, ollie.ball1. Ollie is also a huge fan of soccer.