American YouTuber, gamer, and fashion entrepreneur Clark Williams, better known as OprahSide, shot to fame with his NBA 2K gameplay videos on his first YouTube channel. He later launched another channel on the platform and became a bigger internet celebrity with his funny sports reaction and commentary videos. He has also been part of the social media gamers’ collective FaZe Clan. OprahSide is a budding fashion influencer too and owns a premium streetwear brand named Likemnds.

Early Life

Popular YouTuber OprahSide was born Clark Williams. He is originally from Chicago, Illinois. In the end of 2014, long before he became a social media sensation, OprahSide posted his first video, showcasing the ways of unlocking badges in NBA 2K15. However, not much is known about his early life or education.

Social Media Career

OprahSide, or Clark, launched his self-titled gaming YouTube channel on February 10, 2014. He shot to fame with his gaming vlogs and gameplay videos related to NBA 2K. Within a year, he gained more than 600,000 subscribers on the channel and was earning around $500,000.

On April 11, 2015, he launched his second channel, OprahSide, which went over and beyond gameplay videos and focused on reactions to basketball videos and other sports commentary clips. The channel’s success surpassed that of his previous channel, and he gained over a million subscribers in a few years.

OprahSide has also been part of the social media gaming content creators’ collective FaZe Clan. He is now considered one of the pioneers of the sports reaction videos niche too. In August 2016, he created another channel, The Gut Plug, which mostly showcased funny TikTok reactions.

He is equally popular on Instagram and Twitter. In fact, he was in the news for his infamous Twitter feud with fellow social media celebrity and NBA 2K gamer Chris Smoove.

Beyond Social Media

In 2019, he stepped into the fashion industry and launched the premium streetwear brand Likemnds. The brand sells a variety of apparel and accessories, such as hoodies, shorts, hats, and T-shirts. The year the brand was launched, it also introduced two seasonal collections and drew the attention of many social media influencers. The brand later launched the 2020 VISION collection. OprahSide now aspires to become a world-class fashion designer.

Family Life

In 2018, OprahSide moved into the FaZe Clan house in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California. Not much is known about his personal life or relationships, and it seems OprahSide is quite secretive about his private life.