British YouTuber and Roblox gaming content creator Phoebe, better known as Phoeberry, shot to fame with her kid-friendly gaming videos. She is also known as the younger sister of Amberry, who also is a YouTuber and Roblox gamer in her own right. Phoeberry is popular on Instagram, too, where she maintains three accounts, including a joint account with Amberry, titled amberryphoeberry. She also sells her own brand of merchandise online and has been in the news for her relationship with YouTuber Wonuf.

Early Life

British YouTuber Phoeberry’s real name is Phoebe. Not much is known about her early life or education.

Social Media Career

Phoeberry launched her channel on YouTube on August 18, 2018. Her first video on the platform was titled BACK TO SCHOOL ROUTINE | Royale High and was posted on August 21, 2018. Over the years, she has amassed over a million subscribers on the channel. Most of her content consists of child-friendly Roblox gaming.

One of her most-watched videos was BABYSITTING MY NIECE OLIVE | Bloxburg Roleplay. In 2021, Phoeberry dressed up as Voldemort for Halloween. Some of her other popular videos on YouTube are I BUILT MY FAN A HOUSE AND SHE HATED IT | Bloxburg | Roblox, OUR FAMILY STAY-AT-HOME ROUTINE | Bloxburg Roleplay | Roblox, TAKING MY DAUGHTER TO MEET PEPPA PIG… | Roblox Piggy, WE WENT ON A FAMILY CRUISE SHIP FOR FREE | Roblox Cruise Story, and MY DAUGHTER GOT BULLIED AT SCHOOL | Bloxburg Roleplay | Roblox.

On Instagram, she has garnered over 41,000 followers on her primary account, phoeberryyt. She also maintains the Instagram account amberryphoeberry with her sister, Amberry. The account has amassed over 24,000 followers. Phoeberry has a third account on Instagram, titled phoeberry_unfiltered, where she posts unfiltered photos of herself and her family.

On Twitter, she calls herself a “stay-at-home pet owner” and has garnered over 26,000 followers. She also sells her brand of merchandise, including the “Berry plushie,” online.

Family Life

Phoeberry’s older sister, Amberry, too is a social media star and Roblox gamer.

In December 2019, Phoeberry started dating YouTuber and Roblox content creator Josh, also known as Wonuf.

Phoeberry is known for her full lips and heart-shaped face.