Presidentnasim is an English rapper known for his TikTok profile @presidentnasim. Although he currently seems to be active on the profile @nasimstt. He was also active on another TikTok profile, @presidentnasim1, for some time in the past. He had gained fame on TikTok for his version of the Yung Bleu song “Ice On My Baby” and is currently working on a new song with fellow musical artist Kvlypto. He has YouTube and Twitch accounts as well, although his Instagram is currently inactive.


While Presidentnasim has had a YouTube channel, PresidentNasim, since June 8, 2017, he only posted one video on the channel, a vlog titled Morocco Celebration Vlog *GONE WRONG?!* on December 13, 2022. He mentioned wanting to upload more videos on the channel regularly, but has not followed through as of yet. He also has a Twitch profile, @presidentnasimtwitch, which he had promised to take seriously if he amassed 1k followers. He has achieved the goal, currently having 1.1k followers on the platform, and has been more consistent on Twitch, streaming the latest video on May 30, 2023. He has streamed games like ROBLOX, Fortnite and Minecraft on the platform.

Even though he became active on TikTok less than a year ago in July 2022, he quickly gained fame on the platform thanks to his videos about music, fashion, dance and comedy. He gained fame for sharing his version of the Yung Bleu song “Ice On My Baby” on TikTok. He also promoted fellow musical artist Kvlypto’s track “BABY” though his TikTok and later collaborated with Kvlypto on new tracks. He regularly promotes his clothing brand, Dripped Out, though TikTok and Instagram, although his Instagram profile @presidentnasim seems to be inactive at the moment.

Death Report

Considering the fact that Presidentnasim’s primary TikTok profile @presidentnasim and his Instagram profile are inactive, a video was posted in April 2023 by the account @nasimislleng, which posted daily edits of his videos, captioned “Rip #presidentnasim”. In the video, it was claimed that the TikToker was found dead in a bus, and the video further reported that a 21-year-old convicted murderer was suspected for the crime. However, may of presidentnasim’s fans claimed that the report was fake. Nasim himself had been active on various social media platforms and mentioned in a post on @presidentnasim in late May that he will be releasing a new song with Kvlypto in summer. He has also been active on the TikTok profile @nasimstt.

Family Life

Although Presidentnasim is situated in the United Kingdom, he shows “AF”, the regional indicator symbol for Afghanistan, on his TikTok profile, indicating his Afghanistani roots.