American gymnast and YouTube star Rachel Marie became a household name as part of the immensely popular YouTube channel, SevenGymnasticsGirls. She posted content on the Saturday slot of the channel. After the channel was terminated due to the owner being convicted of abuse of a minor, Rachel launched the solo channel 1010gymgirl. Though that channel was short-lived, Rachel then launched her self-titled channel. Most of her content focuses on gymnastics tutorials. She has also posted life vlogs about her stint as a coach.

Early Life

Rachel Marie is from central Florida, US. She grew up practicing gymnastics at a Georgia pool. She was 6 when she started training in gymnastics and was a professional gymnast by age 14. She has British-French origins.

Social Media Career

A level-7 gymnast, Rachel joined the once-popular YouTube channel, SevenGymnasticsGirls along with 6 other young gymnasts, back in 2011. Rachel posted content as part of the Saturday slot of the channel.

However, the channel was eventually terminated by YouTube, as one of the co-owners, Ian Rylett, was convicted of abuse of a minor on the pretext of filming a video. The channel went down along with its parent franchise, SevenAwesomeKids, and the popular sister channel, SevenSuperGirls.

However, Rachel didn’t stop. She launched a solo YouTube channel titled 1010gymgirl in 2010. The channel was, however, short-lived.

Rachel then launched her self-titled channel on YouTube on August 9, 2014. Initially, the channel only focused on gymnastics tutorials. The first video on the channel was Beginner Gymnastics: Backbend kickover Tutorial.

In 2015, Rachel featured Hayley and Katie from SevenGymnasticsGirls in one of her vlogs. She has also been part of the ABC Gymnastics Challenge.

She got more than 43 million views for a boys versus girls gymnastics challenge video posted in September 2017. She has also been a gymnastics coach and has posted quite a few vlogs about her life as a coach.

One of her most-watched videos was Disney Princesses Try Gymnastics, uploaded on January 20, 2018. The video had her and her friends showing off their gymnastics skills decked up as Disney princesses.

She is quite popular on Instagram and TikTok too. Known as rachelmarie.official on both the platforms, she has garnered thousands of followers.

Family Life

Rachel Marie grew up with an elder brother who’s in the military. Rachel is right-handed in her regular life but a left-handed gymnast. She once dated a boy named Logan Beauchamp, whom she met in school.