Rosaura Carcamo is an American social media star who gained popularity on various social media platforms with the alias qttrosaa or Qtrosaa. However, she has now changed both her TikTok handle and YouTube channel name to Rosa Elizabeth. She has been active on Instagram for the longest time, although her original profile is no more available. She later gained popularity on TikTok for her lip-sync videos and on YouTube for her vlogs and makeup videos.

Early Life

Rosaura Carcamo mentioned in a Q&A video that she aspires to be a registered nurse someday. She also mentioned not wanting to live off YouTube and social media all her life and instead having an actual career.


Rosaura Carcamo joined Instagram when she was in the fourth grade, but started to gain followers when she was in middle school and started to make friends. Her posts at the time got about 75 likes each and she was happy about it. According to her, she began to get more followers when she was in the eighth grade and started to mature into a prettier version of herself. Then, when she was in the ninth grade and had about 4k followers, one of her pictures went viral on Instagram, even though she doesn’t think it was special or particularly good. It ended up on Instagram’s Explore page and earned her about ten thousand followers within three days.

As her popularity grew, she branched into other social media platforms like TikTok and YouTube. She had about 40K followers on Instagram when she joined TikTok, but quickly gained popularity on that platform, surpassing her Instagram fan base to reach 90K followers on TikTok. She had been active on YouTube for a long time, and on April 5, 2020, made her first Q&A video, Grwm + Q&A (quarantine edition), which is currently also her oldest video as she deleted or made private her older videos.

Family Life

Rosaura Carcamo is not very fond of her father’s surname Carcamo and prefers her mother’s surname. She has several sisters and a younger brother named Joel, who has featured on his videos several times. She has also mentioned having nieces and nephews, and has featured one of her nieces in her videos while babysitting her. She doesn’t participate in any sports and doesn’t work out either. Her first relationship was when she was in the sixth grade, although her first long-term relationship spanning over a year was her second relationship.

She claimed to be single when she became active on social media but later started a relationship with fellow TikTok star Julian Barboza, whom she has featured in many of her videos. In one video, they mentioned that after she missed school and had to stay with Julian after falling sick there, her mother told her to move out with him. However, the two broke up on March 25, 2023, which she revealed in the video LIFE UPDATE GRWM... (breakup, car crash, living alone) on July 19th.