Canadian YouTuber and sports content creator Ryan Swaze is best known for his entertaining content on the Canadian basketball team Toronto Raptors. He initially gained fame with his pranks, reactions, and challenges on YouTube. He is equally popular on Instagram and Twitter. He is popular on TikTok as SwazeCanBall and is an official ambassador of the Raptors. He has also collaborated with fellow social media stars such as WolfieRaps. However, not much is known about his love life.

Early Life

Ryan Swaze is from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Not much information is available online about his early life.

Long before he became a social media star, Ryan was already active on the internet. In fact, he has been on Twitter since July 2009 and on Instagram since May 2013.

Social Media Career

Ryan Swaze shot to fame on YouTube with his pranks, reaction videos, and challenges. He launched his channel on September 17, 2015, and has since amassed thousands of subscribers on the channel. In June 2016, he posted his debut YouTube video, titled Cheapest Birthday Gift Ever!!!

He is equally popular on Instagram. His profile on the platform, ryanswaze, has fetched him thousands of followers. Most of his content these days is sports-related, specifically on the Canadian basketball team Toronto Raptors. In fact, he is an ambassador for the Raptors and has even been seen wearing a Raptors jersey in his Instagram photos. He also promotes the sports betting site North Star Bets on his Instagram profile.

A friend of comedian, YouTube star, and rapper WolfieRaps, Ryan posted a video titled WolfieRaps Owes Me $30 in July 2016. It became one of his most-watched videos.

He is known as swazecanball on TikTok and has garnered millions of likes for his sports content on the platform. In fact, he has a secondary sports channel on YouTube, named SwazeCanBall, which he launched in March 2018. He has gained thousands of subscribers on then channel with his basketball-related shorts. Ryan has thousands of followers on Twitter too.

Personal Life

Ryan grew up with an older sister, Jessica McQuoid. Jessica is a holistic chef and nutritionist and also owns a food brand named Whole Health Kitchen.

Ryan has, however, been tight-lipped about his love life, and not much is known about his relationships.