Canadian TikTok star and YouTuber Sahar Dahi shot to fame with her lip syncs, POV clips, and story time videos on TikTok. She later also gained fame with her entertaining videos on YouTube. Sahar eventually focused on content related to relationships, friendships, and even astrology. She has also appeared on podcasts and partnered with well-known fashion brands. Sahar, however, remains tight-lipped about her personal life, and not much is known about her love life or family.

Early Life

Sahar Dahi is from Ontario, Canada. Not much is known about Sahar’s early life. Long before she became a social media sensation, she had posted her first TikTok clip, which showed a plush doll of the Teletoon children’s animation character Caillou.

Social Media Career

Sahar shot to fame with her lip syncs and story time clips on her TikTok account, saharrooo. She later became famous for her POV clips. Over the years, she has amassed millions of likes on the platform. She has also gained fame for her advice on relationships, friendship, self-care, and astrology.

One of her TikTok clips received over 2 million views. In February 2022, she uploaded a clip on Instagram, showing her celebrating her birthday at the posh Hotel X Toronto. She once collaborated with rapper Roddy Ricch for a duet video.

Sahar launched her YouTube channel on December 5, 2020. She has been incredibly famous on the platform and has, over the years, gained thousands of subscribers on it too. Two of her most popular videos on YouTube are SPILLING THE TEA Q&A and ADDRESSING ASSUMPTIONS OF ME. She has thousands of followers on her Instagram account, sahardahii, too.

She has also been featured on the podcast Sweetea, where she has discussed relationship issues such as red flags in men, secrets girls tell their friends, and how to know if a girl is interested in someone. Sahar has also partnered with EVRY Jewels and other top-notch fashion brands.

Family Life

Sahar doesn’t speak much about her personal life, so it is not known if she is dating someone. She, however, often speaks about guys on her YouTube channel.