American YouTuber Sebastian Benitez is best known for his Minecraft gameplays and comedic vlogs. He was encouraged to launch his YouTube channel by fellow YouTube star Baylen Levine, who also promoted him on his own channel as “Benitez.” Some of Sebastian’s videos feature him doing random things such as break an iPhone. He has also gained a decent fan base on Instagram.

Early Life

Sebastian Benitez, better known online as Super Sebaz, or Benitez, once claimed that he had aspired to be a YouTuber since his younger days. He apparently attended a YMCA summer camp, where one of his counselors, Baylen Levine, too wished to launch a YouTube channel. It was Baylen who first encouraged Sebastian to start his YouTube channel.

After getting his parents’ permission to launch his YouTube channel, Sebastian stepped into YouTube on November 15, 2017. In December that year, Sebastian posted his debut YouTube video.

Social Media Career

Sebastian Benitez shot to fame on YouTube with his vlogs and Minecraft gaming videos. His channel, Super Sebas, is named after his nickname which his parents used to address him.

Over the years, he has amassed thousands of subscribers on YouTube. Some of his most popular videos on the channel are My dog is quirky, A few ways to break an iPad because 2020 is boring, and Breaking an iPhone because I can.

However, Sebastian initially did not get much traction on his videos. In fact, in his first video, Sebastian was quite shy and tried flying a drone so that he did not have to face the camera. However, the drone crashed into his house roof.

It was after his friend and mentor Baylen Levine posted his 100,000-subscriber special video on his YouTube channel in April 2019 that Sebastian got famous. Levine had apparently been using the word “Benitez” in his videos for a long time, and his fans continued to ask him what it meant. Levine stated that he would reveal the meaning of the word after reaching 100,000 subscribers. He thus revealed in the said video that Benitez was a person, Super Sebas. This introduction on Baylen’s channel made Sebastian’s popularity on YouTube shoot up. Sebastian has been seen in many of Baylen’s videos, such as Super Sebas Being Super! Baylen has constantly encouraged him to make genuine videos without putting on a fake appearance.

Sebastian is also quite active on Instagram. He has gained thousands of followers on his Instagram account, super_sebas_2210. Apart from posting comedic content on his Instagram account, he also often posts content related to his friends and family.

Family Life

Sebastian has often featured his mother on his Instagram account. He is huge fan of the Shrek movie franchise and is also fond of the color swamp green.

Sebastian once revealed he had been at the receiving end of a lot of hate on the internet and that people have said mean and ugly things to him. However, he also mentioned that he tries to remember the positive things on the internet and ignore the negativity.