American gaming Youtuber Steven Suptic shot to fame as part of the YouTube collective Sugar Pine 7, or SP7. While he started as a Minecraft gamer, using the pseudonym mlgHwnT, he later created content as part of many social media groups and channels, such as Bananarine Republic, BAHMLounge, and Super Panic Frenzy. He has also been part of podcasts and is popular on Twitch and Instagram too. He is an avid traveler and often vlogs about his experiences.

Early Life

Steven Suptic is from Illinois and moved to California in February 2015. In January 2011, long before he was a social media sensation, he started his YouTube journey.

Social Media Career

Steven Suptic is best known for his gaming videos on his immensely popular channel, Sugar Pine 7, or SP7. Though Steven’s channel was launched in 2011, he formed SP7 with Clayton "Cib" James and James DeAngelis in 2017.

He began his social media career co-creating Halo videos with his friend, Vince Demase. Soon, he became a Minecraft YouTuber, making videos using the pseudonym mlgHwnT. Vince and he also created the Minecraft Let’s Play series Wild Adventures, which was later turned into an animated series. Steven also created the series To Kill a YouTuber and had apparently launched a second channel, HWNTwo, in 2014.

He then formed the gaming collective Bananarine Republic, which also had Vince, Jeffrey Filmman, and Tim Goulette. The group collaborated on multiple projects, such as the Double Jump Podcast. Steven also created Minecraft animations for both Machinima and his own YouTube channel.

He then moved to Wisconsin, where he joined BAHMLounge, a skit channel which also had AviatorGaming, Burtgasm, and BigMacHD. Eventually, in 2015, Steven moved to California to join Super Panic Frenzy with Reina Scully. They worked under the guidance of Philip DeFranco, and the channel featured gaming videos and other content both in English and Japanese.

Steven then joined Sourcefed, where he met his former girlfriend Alyssa Terry, James DeAngelis, and Autumn Farrell. He later worked with his friend Cib to make videos for the mockumentary series Alternative Lifestyle. Soon, Parker Coppins and James joined them. Autumn Farrell worked as an editor for them, and SP7 was born Steven’s SP7 has also featured the podcast Beyond the Pines.

He has also worked for the YouTube collective Boys Only Club. He mostly posts funny skits, and the best-known boards on his YouTube channel are Fired from Funhaus, Bro Threesome, and Girlfriend Does My Makeup.

He has also been part of the social media collaborative Team MVG, along with MigMacNation, ZexyZek, and others. Steven is also hugely popular on Twitch, while his personal Instagram account, stevensuptic, has gained thousands of followers.

Family Life

Steven has featured his father in a video but doesn’t talk much about his family. It’s also known that he was once engaged to American podcast host Alyssa Terry.

He owns two dogs, Littlefoot and Winnie. An avid traveler too, he loves travel vlogging and is into gastro-tourism, or traveling for exploring culinary options.