Sydney Morgan is an American social media influencer, actress, model and makeup artist who has amassed huge fan following on platforms life TikTok and YouTube by showcasing her makeup and face-painting skills. She is also an actress who made her acting debut with the 2022 thriller film Shady Grove and is slated to appear in several more upcoming movies. She suffered from Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, and currently uses her platform to raise awareness about such chronic diseases.


Sydney Morgan has been drawing and painting ever since she could “pick up a pencil”. Although she wore little makeup while performing as a cheerleader and gymnast, she did not get into makeup until later in life. She re-discovered her love for painting as a member of the art club in high school when she volunteered at events in the community to paint kids' faces. She was so popular among the kids that she decided to try on herself and began to share her pictures on her Instagram account @sydney_morgan. According to her, makeup became her escape where she could express her creativity.

In July 2020, a couple months after her school graduation and at the time of the COVID-19 lockdown, she joined TikTok with the handle @sydney_art to keep herself occupied as she was recovering from a surgery. She didn’t even tell her friends about her account, and to see how much she could accomplish, decided to post a series of makeup videos until she got recognition. Her very first video, captioned “Day one of doing my makeup until I get noticed”, blew up on the platform and earned a million views within nine days. She started to freak out as she gained 10k subscribers and learnt that her videos were being shown on her friends’ “For You” page.

While she had her YouTube channel since November 2017, after earning popularity on TikTok, she started uploading longer makeup videos on YouTube starting with NATURAL GLAM MAKEUP TUTORIAL///Q&A on August 22, 2020. She also posted quick Shorts and quickly became known for her makeup effects and transformation videos on the platform. However, more than beauty, she was focused on transforming herself completely through makeup and has made videos of changing into detailed looks inspired by characters like Super Mario, Baby Yoda, a Smurf, the Grinch or the Roblox guy.

Family Life

Sydney Morgan was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, a chronic inflammatory bowel disease that causes inflammation in the digestive tract, in her junior year of high school in 2018. She went through a lot of trial and error medications until October 2019, when her condition worsened so much that she had to undergo emergency surgery to have her entire colon removed. She uses her platform to spread awareness for chronic illness and currently works with the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation as a Take Steps National Ambassador. She openly talks about her struggles with colostomy bag so that others who are in similar situations don’t feel embarrassed or left out.