American YouTube star Tae Caldwell is best known for her fun content on her 2 YouTube channels, Jazz and Tae and Life Of Tae ! While on the first channel, she posts collaborative content with her girlfriend and fellow content creator, Jazmine Hood, on the second, she focuses on her own content. Her life vlogs, storytimes, pranks, and challenges have brought her immense fame. She has gained a huge fan base on Instagram too. She also owns the beauty brand, Bougie Bad Lashes.

Early Life

Tae Caldwell is from Houston, Texas. Not known to many, her real name is Je Taejalin Monique Caldwell.

Social Media Career

Tae Caldwell shot to fame for her content on YouTube. She and her girlfriend, Jazmine Hood, gained a massive fan base with their collaborative YouTube channel, Jazz and Tae. The channel was apparently launched long back, in August 2013, by Tae, while she roped in Jazmine in October 2017 to create content with her on it.

The duo mostly posts challenges, pranks, vlogs, and storytimes on the channel. By mid-2023, the channel had crossed the 3.9 million subscriber mark. The channel also featured content by the YouTuber brother duo Ar'mon And Trey. The Most Emotional Day of My Life... was the channel’s first video to gain over a million views.

Tae maintains a secondary YouTube channel, Life Of Tae !, which she launched in September 2018. The content on the channel focuses on girl talk, storytimes, makeup tips, hauls, routines, vlogs, and cooking videos.

Tae is equally popular on Instagram, where her account, tae_caldwell, has fetched her over a million followers. In late 2017, Tae uploaded her first mirror selfie on Instagram.

An entrepreneur too, she has launched her own faux eyelash brand, Bougie Bad Lashes, which she promotes on Instagram. She has also, over the years, partnered with major fashion and beauty brands, such as Fashion Nova. Tae owns a DePop store too.

Family Life

Tae Caldwell grew up with a brother named Jalyn.

She is a lesbian and is in a relationship with YouTube star Jazmine Hood. They apparently first met in July 2017, at a sports shop named Foot Locker, where Tae worked back then.

While Jasmine fell in love with Tae soon after, she got her number in September that year. They eventually began dating in December 2017.

Tae once revealed that she had had her first real kiss either in junior or senior high. She also stated that she hated kissing. Tae is extremely fond of Beyonce and often quotes her.

Tae loves her dog, Buddy. She once said that Buddy inspires her, as he’s always happy, no matter what the situation is.