American YouTuber and gamer Jason Gastrow, better known online as VideoGameDunkey, shot to fame with his content on League of Legends. His humorous videos got him millions of subscribers on YouTube. He is equally popular on Twitch. He has also played other games, such as Battletoads and GTA V. A lot of his fans think he is Black, going by his voice, as he hardly shows his face in his videos. He now posts shorter but more regular videos on his channel.

Early Life

VideoGameDunkey’s real name is Jason Gastrow, and he is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He grew up in Madison. He once stated in an interview that he wished to be an animator as a child.

Social Media Career

Known online by his popular pseudonym VideoGameDunkey, or Dunkey, Jason Gastrow shot to fame with his content related to the game League of Legends. His YouTube videos consist of a mixture of video game reviews and sardonic humor.

Jason had a channel long before he became active on his present channel. In 2003, he began editing videos. He also created Flash animations he posted to the website Newgrounds, using the pseudonym Meatwadsprite. One of his earliest videos, titled Great Yoshi Migration, parodied the track Y.M.C.A.

He launched his current channel, videogamedunkey, in October 2010. The first video on the channel showed him playing the 1991 video game Battletoads in TO mode and was titled Battletoads, One Life Speedrun. He once revealed that he zeroed in on his pseudonym when he was playing the game Left 4 Dead with a friend. Over the years, he has amassed millions of subscribers on the channel.

He has also experimented with a wide variety of games, such as Hitman: Absolution, Halo 1-4, Superman 64, Skyrim, and GTA V.  In March 2015, he released a parody of YouTubers such as Keyori and PewDiePie.

In September 2015, Jason suddenly stopped making League of Legends videos. This was after he was banned for insulting his teammates while playing. In December 2020, he declared in a video that he would not create “good videos” anymore and would instead go according to a daily schedule. Following this, he posted regular but shorter videos with clickbait titles, cracking jokes on his own plans.

He is also extremely popular on Twitch, where he is known as dunkstream. His streams include games such as Alan Wake, WWE Crush Hour, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Cuphead.

He is also on popular on Facebook and Twitter. Jason and his wife Leah also own their online store, Dunkey’s Castle.

Family Life

Jason is close to his mother, who’s a second-grade teacher. Since Jason doesn’t show his face in his videos, people go by his voice and think he is Black.

He married YouTube sensation Leah Bee in September 2019, after being in a long-term relationship with her for several years. In July 2023, the couple declared they were going to have a baby. In fact, they are expecting a girl child.