Will Power is a You Tube Content Creator and a singer from Canada. He gained fame on YouTube with his WWE and ‘Impossible Challenge’ videos. He is also a singer and has released two EPs: Closer (2020) and Distant Love (2021).

Rise to Fame

Will Power rose to fame with his You Tube channel which he launched in May 2010 with the user name Guide2Anything. He uploaded his first video the following year in July and it was a ‘How To’ video. His channel, though, gained recognition when he began sharing WWE related content. He then also gained popularity by sharing ‘Impossible Challenge’ videos. He also did cover of tracks of artists like Adele and The Weeknd. Additionally, he also uploaded gaming content around Call of Duty, Spider-Man 2 and Mario Kart.

Will Power is also into music and currently his channel mostly has music related content. He writes, produces and arranges all his music himself. Till Now, he has released two EPs: Closer (2020) and Distant Love (2021). The former includes six songs: Closer, If You Say So, Isolation, Boomerang, I Like That and If I Believe. The latter has five songs: Distant Love, All Mine, Let’s Get Lost Tonight, The Way You Give It To Me and Get This Love.

His other singles include Say My Name (2017) Rescue You (2019), Midnight (2019), My Bad (2019) and Feel Every Piece (2021).

Family Life

Will Power grew up in Canada and later lived in Chicago, Illinois.