Woo Wop is a young social media star who has gained popularity with his appearances in the DuB Family You Tube channel. Since the time of its launch the channel has gained massive number of subscribers with its vlogging, pranks and challenges videos. He also has his own channel and an Instagram account, both with the name of Baby WooWop. He is also a singer and has sung singles like 4 Years Old.

Social Media Journey

Woo Wop rose to fame as part of the You Tube channel DuB Family. The channel was launched in October 2017 and is run by his father DuB Bridge and includes other members of his family too. The content of the channel includes pranks, challenges, reaction, comedy, shorts as well as food related videos. He also has a channel by the name of Baby WooWop which was started in October 2018. The family has another channel by the name of DuB Family Live which was launched in May 2019.

On his babywoowop Instagram account, he has shared photographs with his parents.

He is also a musician and singer and has come out with few singles. These include 4 Years Old, Just Wanna Wop and I Wanna Kill. The first of these was released in 2020 and has an accompanying music video. The last two were released in 2022.

Family Life

Woo Wop has an older brother named Robel who was adopted in 2016. His uncle PontiacMadeDDG (Darryl Granberry) is a famous rapper and a You Tube star while his aunt Tee Tee, too, is a You Tube star and a singer.