American TikTok star Zayla Shakes shot to fame with her entertaining and funny dance clips, lip syncs, and comedy videos. Zayla is also known as the younger sister of popular TikTok star Ryan Shakes, who is popular as itsryanshakes. Zayla has, over the years, collaborated with the who’s who of social media, such as McKenzi Brooke and Enoch True. However, in late June 2023, Zayla suddenly disappeared from social media, leaving her fans clueless. It is believed she has taken a temporary break.

Early Life

Zayla Shakes is from Sebring, Florida, US. She attended a school located in south Florida.

Social Media Career

Zayla Shakes first started posting on her TikTok account, zaylashakes, in 2019. By 2022, she had gained global fame.

Fans loved her entertaining lip syncs, comedy clips, and dance videos on the platform. By mid-2023, Zayla had amassed over 900,000 fans on the platform.

She attended the Playlist Live event in 2020, where she met fellow social media stars such as James Charles and Addison Rae. Zayla has also collaborated with her brother, Ryan, on many of her clips.

She once made a slow-motion video that showed her dancing with well-known TikToker and YouTuber Enoch True. She also made a TikTok video set to the track See Me Fall by rapper Noah Gale, or Ro Ransom. She has also worked with the likes of TikToker McKenzi Brooke and is known for her hand dances with social media celebrity Trinity Morisette.

However, in June 2023, Zayla’s fans were shocked to find out that she had disappeared from social media. While her fans missed her engaging content and vivacious personality, they were also worried about her, since she had not posted any explanation for her absence from social media.

However, amid speculations, those close to the social media star stated that she had lost interest in creating videos for social media. They also added that Zayla had expressed her desire to stay away from social media for a while.

Family Life

Zayla is also known as the younger sister of popular TikTok star Ryan Shakes, famous on social media as itsryanshakes. In 2021, Ryan apparently bought their mother a BMW.

Not many know that Zayla’s middle name is Veronica. She has a sister named Rochelle and another brother, Zayne.

Zayla once revealed in a Q&A video that she loves riding scooters. When asked whose social media account she would wish to run for a day, she said she wants to gain control of football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo’s account.

Her most embarrassing moment has been falling in school. She hates it when her brother, Ryan, eats with his mouth open.